body geometry fit

Be One With Your Bike

Body Geometry Fit is a complete methodology for fitting any bike to a rider. It was developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt PA, EdD of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

This method is based in clinically-proven science to provide improved performance, comfort, and injury prevention while cycling. The Body Geometry Fit consists of three critical components: a pre-interview, comprehensive physical assessment, and bicycle adjustments based on riding style and physical limitations.

The Body Geometry Fit makes cycling more comfortable and enjoyable, enhancing your riding experience and promoting cycling as a life-long activity. 

Our professionally trained staff visits on a regular basis the Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) to increase their skills to perform the bike fitting for our customers. Our staff wants to build unique relationships with our customers and provide exceptional service and promote solutions to our customers’ discomforts while cycling.  There are four simple rules that the Body Geometry Fit Method follows:

  • Bike fit is a marriage between the bicycle and the rider.The rider is adaptable, and the bike is adjustable. Both must work together to have a happy relationship.
  • Make the bike fit the body, not the body fit the bike. Every individual has their own unique structure. Identifying these differences is important to understand why, what is comfortable for one rider, is painful for another.
  • Dynamic bike fit is better than static bike fit. Static formulas for deciding the saddle height are only the starting points, and must be overruled with dynamic findings. Static bike fit only addresses placement of saddle and bars when viewed from the side, dynamic bike fit addresses things like sitting squarely on the bike, and knee-tracking issues.
  • Cycling is a sport of repetition. A cadence of 90 rpm is about 5,000 pedal revolutions per hour! This can lead to major knee problems if the knee is misaligned, especially over the course of a four-hour ride. The body needs to be in a neutral position to allow for this type of repetition.